When are sales posted on Bethany Lane?

Bethany Lane sales are posted throughout the week. With our fabulous selection of products at amazing prices, be sure you follow us on Facebook, bookmark our site or sign up for our newsletter so see when new deals arrive!

How long do sales last on Bethany Lane?

Each sale is different. Sales last anywhere from 3-7 days and are listed in the description of the item on sale. If we sell out early, we will close the sale and offer another item!

Can you tell me about the products on Bethany Lane?

Sure thing! At Bethany Lane, we work on making sure we give you the best products at the best pricing! Many of our products are produced exclusively for Bethany Lane and you will only find them here. All the items we sell are in stock but please check specific product sales for more details on shipping time frames. All sales are final.

How good are the deals on Bethany Lane?

We offer beautiful products each at 40% to 85% off what you will find at retail.

What about taxes?

Taxes are charged for orders that are shipped to a Texas address. The tax rate for Texas is 6.75%

How does shipping work on Bethany Lane?

Each product on sale has its own shipping calculated per product. The shipping time frame and shipping costs are mentioned on each of the product sales. Since we are offering items at such an amazing deal, everything has been presorted to ship to simplify the supply chain process. Often times, we will group products together to save you on shipping.

In most cases, shipping will be done by first class mail. Shipping details are listed in the individually product sales.

The time frame for shipping is listed in the individual sale. You will receive an email with the tracking information when your order ships. There are times that we will offer free shipping or other shipping deals. Be sure to connect with us by Facebook or sign up for our newsletter to stay on top of the deals!

What if I put the wrong shipping address in when I check out?

We will ship orders based on what is input into the shipping address fields. It is your responsibility to ensure that the correct address is entered, so please verify this before you check out.

Do you shipping internationally at Bethany Lane?

On most products we do! We love being able to ship first class with tracking (thank you USPS!) for any of our products which are under 4 lbs.  If there are specific limits, we will list them on the specific sale.

Do you offer coupons or any other deals?

Connect with us on Facebook or sign up for our newsletter for extra deals on top of our 40% to 85% off each day.