Custom Name and Date Linen Pillow Covers

$ 13.99
Please enter name - note that the maximum is 9 letters; no letters are capitalized. Write BLANK to leave blank.
Established Date

The pillow covers are made of a natural (not white) linen material. They are not burlap; they are a linen cotton blend.  The names are printed into the material (not vinyl). The pillow covers are 17.8" x 17.8" - an 18" insert (not provided) fits to form a full pillow. Each cover has a zipper for enclosing your pillow. 

We have two styles:

  • We have 5 styles - please be sure you are checking the labeled photos so that you are choosing the right design.

    • Style A - features a large monogram letter (which will be the first letter of the name you enter) and the established year (all lowercase)
    • Style B - features the name you enter along with "& co" along with the established year. (all lowercase)
    • Style C - a love wreath with the name and established year as shown (first letter is capitalized)
    • Style D - a "this is us" feature with name and established year as shown.
    • Style E - a "home sweet home" with name and established year as shown (all uppercase)

Please take care to note the time needed to create your beautiful cover due to the amazing price and our volume! It will take about 2 weeks.

Hand wash your cover in cold and lay flat to dry (or tumble dry low). 


  • Custom Pillow Cover
  • Bethany Lane Design; Zippered
  • Takes an 18" x 18" Insert
  • Read Description Please

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